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cinerama classics.

the night of the hunter (1955).

22 t/m 29 nov. De enige film die Charles Laughton regisseerde werd een instant klassieker. Met Robert Mitchum in een glansrol als creepy man van God.

Charles Laughton
Robert Mitchum, Shelley Winters, Lillian Gish

 De godsdienstwaanzinnige psychopaat Harry Powell - Mitchum in zijn beste rol - papt aan met een rijke weduwe, maar haar argwanende kinderen gooien roet in het eten. Bij verschijning wisten critici noch publiek The Night of the Hunter te plaatsen: een curieuze mix van horror, sprookje en melodrama, vol ongebruikelijke shots en surreële settings. Intussen geldt Powell echter als klassieke cinemaschurk, en noemen meesters als Scorsese, Malick en de broers Coen de film - de enige van regisseur Laughton - als inspiratiebron. 


IMDB User review:

' I still hear the lullaby singing sweetly in my head, like a hazy, haunting dream that won't go away.

From the opening scene of the beautiful Lillian Gish and her children, watching over the world in a starry sky, this movie just sinks you into a mesmeric fairy tale land. The camera takes us down in one sweeping move to a scene of children playing, a hot sunny day, and right to the feet of a murder victim. And that sweet music turns on us like a twisted nightmare as the scene chases after a car speeding along a country road to find one of movies worst villains.

Charles Laughton, in sadly his one and only stab at directing, created a masterpiece of horror with Night of the Hunter. The moments of sugar coated sweetness only make this movie even more disturbing as you wonder how the two can inhabit the same world.

Mitchum is terrifying. More-so in a town full of simple folk ready to match him up with the local widow who needs a father for her lit'le n's. Its like he's walked into the middle of a Frank Capra movie and he's going to do what he wants to.

This is not just a great horror movie, but an artist achievement to rival Welles' Kane. The river scene is one of many moments of pure visual splendor. And that sound track just keeps drifting alone, as if trying to coax you into slumber, till the singing madman of your nightmares comes over the hill, relentless. "Chil-dren, Come along now"

You don't watch this movie, it watches you. ...Hush, Lit'le ones, Hush.'